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Family  Therapy Services

Every family has their own unique troubles and issues but sometimes a family has trouble working through an unexpected crisis or stressful event.  Maybe your home life is unpleasant because of constant family bickering. Often, there is an identified family “troublemaker” that is causing the family chaos. This is indicative of a  larger family issues. The goal of family therapy is to help your family uncover feelings and conflicts that underlie the problems appearing on the surface. At times it may appear that the family functioning is worsening. This is due to issues that arise that may be painful to confront. However this is short-term.  Be confident that working through those tough family issues will result in better communication and improved family functioning.


Reasons to pursue family therapy include but are not limited to: 


  • Adoption Issues

  • Communication 

  • Family Conflict

  • Learning Healthy Discipline

  • Separation/Divorce

  • Blended Family

  • your child or teen is troubled, has behavioral problems or performs poorly in school

  • a family member is abusing a substance

  • words or actions are physically or emotionally hurtful or abusive

  • disagreements are settled physically

  • during times of family transition (for example, birth of child, child leaving home, separation, divorce, etc.)

  • recurring problem that are never adequately solved

  • a family member has a mental illness


Methods of Family Therapy


I will employ  many techniques to learn more about your family’s problem. I will listen, ask questions, reflect back and interpret what is said during the session, give advice, and make recommendations. We will role-play and I may assign “homework.”  My work with families focuses on improved communication, so that all family members feel heard & solutions to problems are reasonable. We will also work how to discuss issues without arguments, establish fair rules & boundaries.





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