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First Visit?


Before Your First Appointment

It is our goal to provide the best care with the least amount of stress.  For this reason we suggest the following:   If you plan to use your insurance to assist with the cost of counseling, call your insurance company to request the following information as your mental health benefit often varies from your regular medical benefit. Download the insurance info form to the right to have  a place to read the questions and document your answers.

  • Is prior authorization necessary for outpatient mental health services? If so, obtain the authorization number and effective date?

  • Is coverage limited to specific providers (our therapists are in network providers for most insurance companies or those with specific licenses? Note, that some insurance companies cover both in and out of network providers at slightly different rates.

  • Does your coverage require a deductible? If so what is that amount and ask how much has been met to date. Any deductible NOT met will be your responsibility to pay.

  • How much will the co-payment for each office visit be? This can be a set amount or a percentage.

  • How many visits per year does your plan allow? 

Be sure to bring your insurance card with you on your first appointment. If you will be paying for services yourself (no insurance filing), the fee for the first clinical assessment is $155 and $100 for all sessions thereafter. Cash & Checks are accepted. If paying by cash, please bring the exact amount because we don’t have change. 

If you have any questions, please contact HOPE, HEALTH & HARMONY COUNSELING SERVICES, LLC (918) 933-4143 or for faster response click      

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